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This year will be the 2nd annual get together of super sadistic and kinky minds. Last year Goddess Jennifer and I took Charlotte by storm with a weekend full of debauchery filled RT sessions, online sessions, wallet rapes and wishlist clearing. In addition to all of Our fun sessions of trampling, food and object crushing, foot worship, face-sitting, flogging, caning, more foot worship, whipping and general BDSM fun were followed by tons of pampering. Pedicures, meals and shopping all paid for by Our pets or admirers as Goddess like Us always deserve.  Even with a few roadblocks and bumps in the trip, it was still a great weekend spent with My best friend and I just happened to walk away making a ton of money and meeting new subs (who still message Us begging Us to come back).

image (1)

This year is gonna blow last year out of the water. First of all I am hosting PandeMONEYum out of My home this year giving Us much more freedom to do as We please and also making filming and hosting sessions a breeze. The studio and home play space are coming together nicely and I am very excited to get lots of use out of both. I am actually remodeling My play space this week to make it even more purrrrfect for teasing, denying and beating boys into submission for Our sick pleasures. In addition to bigger location, I also have more submissives on hand this year to serve Us making sure We never need or want a thing. My lucky owned bitches muffin, kittyssub and anna banana will be on hand to tend to Our every needs and desires. Not just one but three loyal and well behaved bitches on hand to be used and abused to Our hearts’ content, can you say clips, clips, clips? This will be a great turn around from last year. In addition to My three owned bitches, a fourth bitch is going to get to spend at least a few hours being used and abused by the PandeMONEYum crew. Goddess Jennifer and I just took this slut pig under Our control, yes this insanely lucky bitch is co-owned by Us. Not only does this lucky pig (rightfully named pig4Us) get to be owned by Us but he gets to come visit Us and be used for Our every want and desire. We will be filming the fuck out of this pig and the ideas are already off the chain.

Now for the BEST part about PandeMONEYum 2014, not only do I get to have a weekend long slumber party with My Love Goddess Jennifer, but My other sexy partners in crime Snobby AlexaBratty Jamie, Jaded Halo and Miz Lindsay SRB will be there as well! Last year two Goddesses and this year We are already up to four!! It is becoming a party already and I have a handful of other Ladies still considering coming.

I already have a ton of fun things planned for My Ladies:

Thursday April 3: E/everyone will arrive and get settled, We can do filming at Our leisure and catch up on each other’s recent escapades and enjoy each other’s company. I will have subs on hand to fetch Everyone from the airport or a car will be sent if the subs are tied up (lol literally and figuratively).

Friday April 4th: PAMPER DAY! We will start the day with a lovely breakfast out and then off to the nail salon for pedicures. After pedicures We will retire back to My castle where a massage therapist will be on hand to rub out all those knots. After massages I will have a hair and makeup stylist at My castle to style, trim or highlight Our locks. I may even have her do some waxing to the subbies on hand for fun! Of course there will be a large spread of wine, good food and amazing green on hand during Our entire weekend to keep Us in the best of moods. IGNORE CAM will be on for most of these times so you losers can witness what you can’t have and no it will not be on in the massage room so don’t even ask. What happens in the massage room stays in the massage room. LOL.

After We are all relaxed and looking amazing, I am allowing My bitches to take Us out to a very nice dinner followed by some fun at the casino or one of the other local STL hot spots (the Landing or maybe City Museum). The whole purpose of PandeMONEYum is for Us Goddesses to be spoiled beyond belief & have an amazing fun time with Our friends. This year is looking very promising already.

Saturday April 5th: KINK DAY! Saturday will be spent doing RT sessions and filming custom clips. We are only giving you losers ONE DAY to get in on RT sessions unless We see an enormous demand so you better book those single, double, triple and group domination sessions NOW. Of course We will be available off and on for online sessions and wallet rapes during the whole weekend. Ignore cam and phone lines, streaming live sessions, double, triple, group cam and more!

Sunday April 6th: Another day of well deserved pampering and relaxation. I think We will take a tour of all the local wineries *hiccup* and then spend the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company and delving deep into your minds and wallets.

Below are the Ladies attending so far including how to contact them for a session (online or RT) or inquire about a custom clip. Most of Us do many fetish clips along with female domination clips so don’t be shy with those custom requests! Do not wait as time is VERY limited and once times are filled you are screwed. Double, triple and group sessions are also available just email one of the Ladies involved for more details.Goddess Jennifer

Goddess Jennifer


I’m greedy, manipulative, demanding, beautiful, self-centered, open minded, witty, and smart. I am the The Goddess you were born to serve. 5’2 inches tall with a firecracker personality that makes up for what I lack in height. I have the most perfect round ass, a seductive stare, kissable lips, and size 8 feet with soft sexy wrinkly soles. Life at my feet is where true happiness lies.

I am available for online sessions, RT sessions and custom clips. I will also be avail for double, triple or group sessions or clips. RT fetishes I will be offering: Foot Worship and Fetishes (including but not limited to) Foot Smothering, Trampling, Stinky Feet, Pantyhose, etc. Fetishes for customs: CBT, JOI, CEI, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Double/Triple/Group Domme, Ass Worship, Foot Fetish, Spanking, Financial Domination & more. Contact Me at GJRatedP@gmail.com for more info!

My Amazon Wishlist:

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My email for all giftcards is: GJRatedP@gmail.com


Snobby Alexa

Exotic luxury, I am an exceptional treat for the discerning and discreet gentleman. Well versed in sensuality such as bondassage and dark tantra, I am an erotic tease perfect for the corporate man who enjoys slipping away from the status quo.  Highly manicured and intelligent, an experience with Me is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Statuesque, feminine, and beautiful, I am the perfect delicacy for the refined gentleman. From the novice submissive to the lifestyle slave, I am the stellar choice. Please email for rates, availability, and services offered.

My Amazon Wishlist:

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My email for giftcards is: alexa@snobbyalexa.com

Bratty Jamie


I’m an evil and hot princess who enjoys exploring all your fetishes and getting inside that head of yours. Come see what its like to be under my bare feet or my 6 inch heels!! Some things that I enjoy are Feminization, Cuckolding, Body worship, Foot worship, Humiliation, Forced bi, Tease and denial, and many others. I will be available for RT and online sessions including cam and phone session. I will also be avail for single, double, triple or group sessions as well.  Contact Me at BrattyJamie@aol.com

My Amazon Wishlist:

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My email for giftcards is: BrattyJamie@aol.com

Jaded Halo


I, Thee Jaded Halo, will be attending PandeMONEYum2014 STL, MO April 3 – 6 !!

IF you are a perfectly polite puppy who enjoys nothing more than to faithfully fulfill the desires of his Goddess… and most importantly, can afford to do so, I welcome your introduction.

My Interests include but are not limited to:

Financial Domination, Consensual Blackmail/Fantasy Extortion, Tease and Denial, Humiliation, boot/foot worship, forced femme/homosexuality, sissy training, bondage, CBT, Stomping/Trampling, Chastity/Key-holding, Paddling/Spanking, Nipple Torture, Pinching/Caning/Whipping/OTK/Hair Pulling, Strap Ons, Toilet Training (if you can list) and more.

So … provided you think you are ready to submit to one of the most exquisite Dominas you have ever had the honor of seeing, do include the following in your humble plea…

  • your experience within this lifestyle, specifically in regard to pro sessions
  •  your budget
  •  your primary fetishes, or fantasy you would like to explore

As a final disclaimer, I feel it is My duty to inform you that you will quickly become addicted… Proceed at your own risk. ;) Contact Me here: jadedhalo.com/contact

My Amazon Wishlist:


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My email for all giftcards is: HaughtyFemDom@​aol.com

Princess Lindsay aka Spoiled Rich Bitch (SRB)

image (2)

“Ca$h Over Compliment$” has been and will always remain my modus operandi.
Over the past several years dating back to the better part of a decade I have taken part in both online and real-time financial domination, with the former being the majority of my “effort”. While real-time still interests me in that I prefer a slave to fetch me whatever snack I want at any time of day and do my bidding, I’ve found that ‘sessions’ just aren’t my thing. I dislike the exchange of cash for an allotted time, mainly because I hate any type of obligation. I admire the women who can take on this type of structured lifestyle, it’s just not where my headspace is at. My headspace is in FINANCIAL WORSHIP, and that’s a one-way street.

What this means to those of you reading this, is that I am available to you to collect tribute and gifts as a token of your appreciation for me. In return, you receive my acknowledgement and the feeling of usefulness. As a reward, I have many clips of varying fetishes available to you for purchase through my c4s store. I also randomly have my NiteFlirt line on for you to call at a high dollar rate and it will be on for the duration of this Girl’s Trip~ Do feel ‘free’ to call and listen to us having a grand ole time with each other and not you :)

On the trip I may find myself craving to humiliate on camera with my girlfriends, or I may not. I’d say that the incentive for that comes from each of the males reading this and their tributes prior to my pilgrimage to St. Louis…… That said, here are good places to start encouraging ME:

My Amazon Wishlist:

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My NiteFlirt:

My email for all giftcards is: SheUsesMen@gmail.com

Queen Kitty


Obviously since I am hosting PandeMONEYum 2014 I will be there. I am avail for custom clips, online, phone and RT sessions. I will be available for single, double, triple and group domination sessions with almost all of the Ladies listed above. I have been a lifestyle Domme for over 3 years, a Professional Domme for over a year now and a Mind-Fuck Extraordinaire My whole life.

My specialties include Tease and Denial, Sissy Training, Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, CBT, SPH, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Queening, Smothering, Scissor-holding, Tramping, G.S., Paddling, OTK, Spanking, Spitting, Nipple Torture, Humiliation, Strap Ons, Electrical Play, Sensory Play, Chastity and more.

I rule My Queendom with a mixture of pain and pleasure, sadistic sex appeal coupled with an insatiable need to enjoy every second of life. The ultimate in tease and denial mixed with pushing your limits to the edge and beyond. My superior size 10 soles will drive you insane, My curvy body will make your mind melt like butter. There is no turning back.

Come see why My PQM is so damn addictive. Contact Me at queenkittyownsu@gmail.com for more info on how to order your custom clip or to book a session!

My Amazon Wishlist:

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My email for giftcards is: queenkittyownsu@gmail.com


Snobby Alexa and Queen Kitty destroy your city

your nuts roasting over an icy hot fire

Most of the Ladies attending are available for custom clips. Custom clip prices are $10/min for singles, $15/min for doubles, $18/min for triples and $20/min for group clips. Many of Us participate in lots of fetishes not just female domination so don’t be shy with those custom requests. I will also have 2-4 male submissives on hand throughout the weekend so customs can include scripts with one or multiple submissives. Make sure when you email Me you tell Me which Lady or Ladies you are interested in for your custom so I can forward on the the appropriate party to approve your script and discuss payment methods.

Contact Me at queenkittyownsu@gmail.com for more info on how to order your custom clip or to book a session!


SUPER SMELLY BLACK BALLET FLATS!!! I have had these bad boys about a year. Not only have I wore them all over My home and during many sessions but I have also taken these bad boys with Me when I travel. Can you imagine just how nasty they are? I have been walking around dirty hotel rooms in them. I will also be wearing them as much as possible this last week, with no socks of course. I also keep the flats in a ziploc bag any time in which I am not wearing them to preserve the delicious foot odor for My foot addicts. Show Me how bad you want these flats foot fetish freaks!




Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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There are only a few days left for the SinfulCall sign up bonuses, if you have not already signed up now is your last chance for a super easy opportunity to make Me happy and show your gratitude for all that I do and bring to your meager existence. Also, I see many boys still on My “pending bonuses” list and I want to see those turned into “active bonuses” ASAP!! We both know you are going to tribute Me anyways so be smart and use your tribute to earn even more for ME!

PLUS, not only do you get the satisfaction of earning Me another $100 sign on bonus but you also get the honor of having credits to call Me with and help Me to ensure another first place victory in the SinfulCall chat host contest. I am the only Lady to finish in the top three for every single contest and I plan on bringing home another victory this round, I am QUEEN of the chat after all. ;)

winnerannouncethird place1contest#3-2nd place

The next contest ends on February 20th and I want to bring a 1st place victory back to My Queendom again, and you know how I get when I want something. The sign on bonuses end on FEBRUARY 17 so if you have not signed up yet DO SO NOW!!

Click this link http://www.sinfulcall.com/profile/queenkitty?ref=cmO9 sign up now and add credits so you can help Me keep My lead and win big once again! Do your part My pets to show just exactly what the power of PQM can accomplish.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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This year’s Super Bowl was a massacre and I thought the contest was going to be the same but luckily Denver finally got on the board with seconds left in the 3rd quarter. I am sure QKspantypiggy would not have minded a blowout but I like it better when more of My kinky goodies get spread out to My pets & admires, plus it makes it more fun to watch the game. Congrats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who played. I can’t wait for the next big sports event and more fun and exciting ways to add a bit of kinkiness to the everyday and also another way for Me to take your money! Its a win, win!

1st quarter winner: QKspantypiggy

2nd quarter winner: QKspantypiggy

3rd quarter winner: kittyssub

Grand prize winner: QKs_ashtray


 Thanks again for playing, it was a very fun time & I loved getting spoiled on top of the excitement of the contest. I know I say it a lot but that is because it is true: I have the best pets EVER!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

Snapshot 3 (1-27-2014 10-36 AM)

I was discussing Superbowl square raffle games with one of My pets this morning and decided it would be fun to do one for tomorrow’s Superbowl! The squares are $5 per square. Email Me at queenkittyownsu@gmail.com to get your squares before they sell out! Just tell Me the letters corresponding to the square you want. For example square AK or AR. I accept many payment methods, email Me for more info!


Once all the boxes are filled the letters will be replaced with the numbers 0-9 (randomly chosen with a deck of cards). Then at each quarter the score will determine the winner. If at the 1st quarter the score is Denver 27 – Seattle 34  then the person who has Denver with 7 and Seattle with 4 will win that quarter’s prize. The numbers are completely random so it is total game of chance, you don’t have to know a thing about football to win! Obviously the more squares you buy the better your chances are to win. I will also make a video of Me drawing the cards to confirm the numbers are chosen at random.

Don’t wait too long or you will miss you on your chance to win My SuperKinkBowl! Prizes includes My used socks or panties for 1st & 3rd quarter. Prize for halftime is a 5 min custom clip or a 15 min cam session and the GRAND PRIZE is a 10 min custom clip or  a 30 min cam session! If you can’t have items mailed to you then you can also trade the prize of used socks or panties for a 10 min cam session.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty


2014 is MY year! I have so many amazing plans and goals for this year  and I ended 2013 and started 2014 by annihilating one of those goals. I recently joined this new site SINFULCALL.COM and they were having a contest for the month of December giving prizes to the top ten hosts. The prizes ranged from $50 for tenth place up to a grand prize of $1500 for the host with the most chat minutes. Not only were they having this bad ass contest but they were also offering a $100 bonus for any boys who signed up using My referral link and added credits. I loved it, this was a great opportunity to make even more money to put in My greedy little hands.

I was bound and determined to win this contest, not even for the prize money but more for the challenge really. I came into the contest late, with less than 5 days remaining. The very first day My lines were up I shot from the bottom all the way up to the top 10 and was walking away with at least an $80 prize. But you know Me, INSATIABLE as they come, 8th place was no where near enough. I was bound and determined to make it into the top 3 and I had My sights set on 1st place! Well anyone who really knows Me knows that when I want something I will work My ass off to get it and that I will not take no for an answer. I summoned all the PQM I had and gave My pets and fans a final task for 2013. I had all My boys and twitter fans sign up immediately and start calling Me. The REALLY good pets added minutes to earn Me those $100 referral bonuses, and there are 21 of you that still have time to add your credits and earn Me that $100 bonus. Don’t you dare miss out on this great opportunity! Not to mention I am offering 20 mins cam or a free custom clip for anyone who does sign up & add credits plus call Me with said credits.

A few pets went truly above and beyond the rest to ensure that their Queen finished on top where I belong. My local pet @kittyssub was the very first one to call Me once My lines opened and he was on the phone with Me when the contest ended. He and My Anna Banana both spent over 5 hours on the phone with Me just to rack up those minutes. I even did an extended bondage session over skype w Anna Banana during the night before the final day of the contest. I had her chain herself up, wrists, ankles and neck all chained together and the keys locked away in a digital safe. I had the combination and I made her drink a bunch and repeat a ton of random numbers so I knew she would forget the 8 digit combination. After she was good and locked up, I took My sexy ass to bed and left the phone on racking up those minutes. HAHA, making money in My sleep. I do love being the Queen. All the while My crossdressing slut was locked away her family was sleeping upstairs. Oh my what if I hadn’t heard the alarm or forgot to set it, then she would’ve been found completely dressed and bound. The danger is so exciting. Luckily I did wake on time. I made some coffee and released the slut. She hadn’t had enough however so I ignored her on cam and made her edge to bondage porn while her family was stirring upstairs. Oh what a naughty way to end the year! After W/we finally burned through all the minutes she purchased and finished the call it was the morning of the final day of the contest and guess what?? I WAS IN 1ST PLACE!!! Not only was I in 1st place but I had a lead of about 2 hours and there was very stiff competition. The one and only Ceara Lynch was previously in 1st place and was a very fierce competitor all throughout the contest. Luckily I had a handful of boys just sitting in the wings with minutes to burn so anytime I saw My lead slipping I had one of My boys calling to make sure I didn’t lose any ground and it worked!! I finished out the winner with almost a 2 hour lead!


It really felt great to win because not only was I getting $1500 and bragging rights as “Queen of the Chat Hosts” but the support My pets and fans showed Me was freaking incredible. One of the things I thought was truly amazing was that most of My pets signed up and bought credits and then called Me with those credits but most couldn’t even talk. About 85% of My calls were ignore calls. A few of My pets even called with their wives and girlfriends in the room LOL, they just set the phone on mute and placed it on their lap or in their pocket. I love knowing My boys wanted Me to win so much that they would just call to be ignored so I would win. One pet, kittyssub, even called Me from a NYE party the last night and had his phone hidden in the coat closet racking up minutes for over 3 hours! Being able to show the world the true power of PQM and what I can do when I put My mind to it was worth so much more than the $1500 in prize money, not to mention the referral money & call revenue. I cleared over $1K per day with very minimal work and I got to see just how dedicated and committed My boys are to seeing Me happy.

As a huge THANK YOU to all My pets, admirers & new addicts I am keeping My sinfulcall rate at $1/min for the ENTIRE month of January. This is MUCH LESS than My normal NF rates so make sure you take advantage of it while you can! Sign up here & call Me today!

Not only am I totally psyched for the above victory but My pets have come out of the gate swinging this year!! Just a few days ago 3 of My new pets ganged up together to give My wishlist a good beating and My banks accounts a good influx. Between NF tributes, amazon giftcards & present after present flying off My wishlist, cucktoiletpig4Qk, locked4QK & payingforQKpedicures along with the help of one of My top pets QKs_ashtray cleared over $700 in cash & goodies. Some of them have already started rolling in, I had @kittyssub pick these up from UPS today for Me.

downloadAs if all this wasn’t enough excitement and spoiling for the new year already of course I still wanted more. I truly am the meaning of the word insatiable. Today being Wednesday is the day @kittyssub always comes to visit Me and do any errands I want done. In addition he always brings Me lunch and any other goodies I demand usually including a nice fat cash tribute. With the past few weeks having every Wednesday fall on a holiday I haven’t seen him in person as much as usual. Of course the tributes were still coming in via gifts off My wishlist and amazon giftcards (omg walking him through sending his first one was hilarious)! But I was missing that cold hard cash he always hands over in O/our weekly meetings.  I told him I wanted to rape his wallet extra hard this week to make up for not seeing him recently, even though the tributes in his physical absence met and exceeded his normal in person tributes and he went extra hard for Christmas. No that doesn’t matter to My greed, it was growing and it was going to be fed. I didn’t tell him an amount I just told him I wanted to hit it hard and to surprise Me.

So today when he came by to deliver My packages, some groceries and My favorite hot wings for lunch, I made him kneel before Me and present Me with his (MY) wallet. Inside I found a hot, crisp stack of $100 bills, 8 of them to be exact. YUM! I raped all $800 and left him with nothing and he couldn’t have been any happier.


All in all 2014 has started out EXPLOSIVE, things keep it up and this truly will be THE YEAR OF THE CAT!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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winningkittyThere is less than 12 hours remaining to help Me win $1500! I am currently #1 and I intend to stay there!  I am asking all unowned submissives to do their part by helping Me annihilate this contest!

All you have to do to help Me win is to go to this great new phone site SinfulCall and sign up!
you will get 15 credits for free when you sign up and you can call Me with those to help add to My total minutes. Lady with the most minutes wins the most $$$. The top 3 are very competitive in these last hours and EVERY minute helps.

IF you are TOO SHY to talk to Me then just call and mute the phone and set it down. I love getting paid for calls and not having to do any talking! :)

If you want to be a REALLY GOOD BOY you can REALLY help Me by adding credits ($30 min) if you sign up using MY LINK and add credits, you will not only have 45 mins to talk to Me but you will also get Me a $100 referral bonus!!
It’s a win, win, win!

ON top of that I am also offering a 20 min cam session or 5 min custom video to any boy who signs up AND add credits!

Help Me get to #1 where I BELONG! Sign up & call NOW!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

I meant to post this blog on Christmas Day but I got distracted with all the tributes that came flooding in from My pets and the new couple I am experimenting with came by for another round of wallet fuckstarting fun.  Over $505 later in CA$H and VS goodies and the girlfriend sleeping on the couch and soon to be out the door, My job was done. Then I decided to another mini-vacation and go visit family for the holiday. Damn it sure is nice being able to take off whenever I want without a care in the world. I do love having such freedom and power. Anyways, now that things are starting to settle here is the final installment to Mindfuck Manor’s 7 Days of Christmas!

The 7th installment and epic new double Domme series from Mindfuck Manor. Groundbreaking new editing now bringing Dommes together from all over the world.

Gingerbread Giantesses shrink and eat you!

gingerbread giantess

In Our 7th Christmas themed clip from Mindfuck Manor, Queen Kitty and Goddess Jennifer have decided We are done playing with you and you are so pathetic We just can’t let you live. But what will We do? Ohhh I know! We are going to drug your dinner with a secret potion that will turn you into a gingerbread man!! Now We can devour you Ourselves and grind your body to pieces in Our big giant mouths!

Features: Giantess, vore, mouth fetish, lipstick, chewing, teeth, throat fetish


Custom videos with Goddess Jennifer and I can also be purchased. Email me to inquire about price, and if we would accept your clip idea. queenkittyownsyou@yahoo.com

Click here to visit Goddess Jennifer’s store for even MORE double domme clips!

Crops & kisses,

Queen Kitty

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**copied from Goddess Jennifer’s blog at http://ratedp.net**

I’ve released another one of my Christmas themed videos featuring the amazing Queen Kitty. (Click here to see more of her!)

Day 3 of Mine and Queen Kitty’s Christmas themed clips! (Sorry for the delay in Mine, I was dealing with someones death right before Christmas)We know allllll about that balloon fetish of yours! And we just look so irresistible blowing up these red and green balloons for you. Balloons make everybody happy! Especially YOU! We toss the balloons in the air and play with them and some of them ever get away from us! So much giggling and teasing in this clip, you’ll love it even if you DON’T have a balloon fetish! At the end of the clip we destroy the balloons like we could destroy your balls. We squeeze them in-between our sharp nails and POP!

Balloons, Popping, Queen Kitty, Goddess Jennifer, Double Domination, Double Domme, Inflatables, Tease & Denial, Nails

To see the full collection of double Domme Christmas themed clips make sure to hit both stores:

Goddess Jennifer’s store: http://clips4sale.com/20512 

Queen Kitty’s store: http://clips4sale.com/45239


*copied from Goddess Jennifer’s blog

You cannot resist big, beautiful asses, can you? Now throw two perfect round butts in the mix and you’re sooo fucked! Get down on your knees and worship mine and Queen Kitty’s superior asses which just so happen to be covered in Christmas panties. This is the best gift you could ever hope for, slave!

– www.RATEDP.net Rated P for PERFECT


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