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It is time for My 3rd annual SUPERKINKBOWL raffle.

The squares are $5 per square. Email Me at to get your squares before they sell out! Just tell Me the letters corresponding to the square you want. For example square AN or AR. Or you could choose MY favorite square, the QK square.  The QK square is a special square that cost $25 because it is better than all the other squares of course.  I accept many payment methods including: My NF page, iwantclips tribute,$poilQK,  GW (queenkittyownsu@gmail),  amazon and more. Click on the links to tribute now or email Me for more info on alternative payment options.



**Board is full, no squares available.  I will draw for numbers before the big game and update the board accordingly. I will draw the numbers on video and post so you can see it is random.**

Once all the boxes are filled the letters will be replaced with the numbers 0-9 (randomly chosen out of a hat). Then at each quarter the score will determine the winner. If at the 1st quarter the score is Broncos 27 – Panthers 34  then the person who has Denver with 7 and Carolina with 4 will win that quarter’s prize. The numbers are completely random so it is total game of chance, you don’t have to know a thing about football to win! Obviously the more squares you buy the better your chances are to win. I will also make a video of Me drawing the numbers to confirm the numbers are chosen at random.

Don’t wait too long or you will miss you on your chance to win My SuperKinkBowl!  Prizes includes My worn socks/panties or 5 minute cam session for 1st & 3rd quarter. Prize for halftime is a 5 min custom clip or a 10 min cam session and the GRAND PRIZE is a 10 min custom clip or  a 15 min cam session!

Buy 10 squares ($50), you will get 2 bonus squares!  Buy 20 squares ($100) and you will get 5 bonus squares! Best of luck to everyone. Now do what you do best and make Me smile by filling out My board.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

I have been wearing these socks for 3 days straight, most of the time while wearing my black furry winter boots. Needless to say, these socks REEK of My perfect goddess foot scent. I am keeping them in a ziploc bag and I took them out for a few updated photos and OMG the scent is so strong. Don’t miss out on these, they may be My smelliest socks yet!!



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It’s that time of year again! Time to get My kink on with the My best friend, the amazing and seductive Goddess Jennifer. Goddess Jennifer and I will be making bad boys bow down, tearing asses up and devouring wallets in STL from March 5-9th. We already have a tons of fun things planned including pampering with manicures and pedicures, a trip to the casino funded by Our pets, filming super HOT double Domme clips and We are even allowing some of Our owned boys to come and serve Us. Want to be a part of the fun? Get on your knees and prepare for a wild time.

Now is your chance to experience double domination unlike you’ve ever experienced before. We will be offering real-time sessions, online sessions and we will be accepting custom clips orders.


Single or double domination sessions will be available in my private, fully stocked dungeon. See below to learn a little bit about each of Us and Our favorite fetishes before contacting to book your session. Goddess Jennifer will only be in town for a limited time and we are incredibly busy, therefore all real-time sessions require a deposit and a minimum of 24 hours notice.


For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be in the St. Louis area, We will be available off and on throughout March 5-9 for phone and cam domination sessions. Call on Our NF lines or beg to worship one or both of Us via skype.  Smart boys will email now and schedule ahead of time to make sure they do not miss out on this incredible chance to serve.  Our phone lines will be on and off throughout the trip but Our ignore and wallet rape lines will be on 24/7 for you to pay tribute or listen in on what cannot experience.


Custom clips are avail for $10/min for one of Us or $15/min for double domination clips. All scripts must be pre-approved and minimum length is 5 mins.  We will have 1-2 submissive males on hand for custom clips.

To see examples of each of Our stores and the type of clips We enjoy:

Goddess Jennifer’s store:

Queen Kitty’s store:



I’m greedy, manipulative, demanding, beautiful, self-centered, open minded, witty, and smart. I am the The Goddess you were born to serve. 5’2 inches tall with a firecracker personality that makes up for what I lack in height. I have the most perfect round ass, a seductive stare, kissable lips, and size 8 feet with soft sexy wrinkly soles. Life at my feet is where true happiness lies.

I am available for online sessions, RT sessions and custom clips. I will also be avail for double sessions or clips. I will have a male submissive  or twoon hand for custom clip requests.

RT fetishes I will be offering: Foot Worship and Fetishes (including but not limited to) Foot Smothering, Trampling, Stinky Feet, Pantyhose, etc. Fetishes for customs: CBT, JOI, CEI, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Double/Triple/Group Domme, Ass Worship, Foot Fetish, Spanking, Financial Domination & more. Contact Me at for more info!

My Amazon Wishlist:

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My email for all giftcards is:

Queen Kitty


I am avail for custom clips, online, phone and real-time sessions. I will be available for single and double domination sessions. I have been a lifestyle Domme for over 4 years, a Professional Domme for over 2 years now and a Mind-Fuck Extraordinaire My whole life.

My specialties include Tease and Denial, Sissy Training, Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship, Sounding, Electrical Play, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, CBT, SPH, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Queening, Smothering, Scissor-holding, Trampling, G.S., Paddling, OTK, Spanking, Spitting, Nipple Torture, Humiliation, Sensory Play, Chastity and more.

I rule My Queendom with a mixture of pain and pleasure, sadistic sex appeal coupled with an insatiable need to enjoy every second of life. The ultimate in tease and denial mixed with pushing your limits to the edge and beyond. My superior size 10 soles will drive you insane, My curvy body will make your mind melt like butter. There is no turning back.

Come see why My PQM is so damn addictive. Contact Me at for more info on how to order your custom clip or to book a session!

My Amazon Wishlist:

My NiteFlirt:

My email for giftcards is:


Bring Us your wallet & your pride, We will be eviscerating both. Prepare for double the trouble and double the fun!

It appears some of Our owned pets & a few twitter admirers are fighting already to get Our attention and the trip hasn’t even begun!  I wonder who will be the biggest spender and really show they sacrifice as much as possible for Our happiness.



deviant duo week final

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty


It is time for the 2nd annual SUPERKINKBOWL raffle. The squares are $5 per square. Email Me at to get your squares before they sell out! Just tell Me the letters corresponding to the square you want. For example square AN or AR. Or you could choose on of MY personal favorites: the QK or GJ squares.  These are special squares that cost $25 because they are better than all the other squares of course. If you get the GJ (Goddess Jennifer) square & win any of the quarters you will also win a bonus pair of Goddess Jennifer’s socks! I accept many payment methods including: My NF page, iwantclips tribute, clipvia, PP, amazon and more. Click on the links to tribute now or email Me for more info on alternative payment options. *Raffle closed but you can always send a tribute.*

Final numbers and the corresponding winners below:


Once all the boxes are filled the letters will be replaced with the numbers 0-9 (randomly chosen with a deck of cards). Then at each quarter the score will determine the winner. If at the 1st quarter the score is New England 27 – Seattle 34  then the person who has New England with 7 and Seattle with 4 will win that quarter’s prize. The numbers are completely random so it is total game of chance, you don’t have to know a thing about football to win! Obviously the more squares you buy the better your chances are to win. I will also make a video of Me drawing the cards to confirm the numbers are chosen at random.

Don’t wait too long or you will miss you on your chance to win My SuperKinkBowl!  Prizes includes My used socks/panties or 10 minute cam session for 1st & 3rd quarter. Prize for halftime is a 5 min custom clip or a 15 min cam session and the GRAND PRIZE is a 10 min custom clip or  a 30 min cam session!

Buy 10 squares ($50), you will get 2 bonus squares!  Buy 20 squares ($100) and you will get 5 bonus squares! Best of luck to everyone. Now do what you do best and make Me smile by filling out My board.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty


So you’re interested in getting your girlfriend to dominate you in the bedroom, but you don’t know how to broach the subject or how she’ll react. If you think your lady is too shy or too submissive to agree to making you her bitch, trust me when I say that most women quickly warm up to the challenge.

It’s simple: femdom play is exciting and arousing for both partners, physically and psychologically. As the woman in charge, your girlfriend will find it exhilarating to call the shots and boss you around, while you’ll get to revel in giving up control and enjoying the suspense of what she’ll do to you or make you do next.

If you’re both totally new to femdom play, you may want to start with a little role-play first. Ask her to be the domineering boss who forces you to work overtime on her pussy, or the no-nonsense TSA agent who flags your ass as a security threat. Pretending to be someone else can often free up any inhibitions, making it a fun and safe way to experiment with a new power dynamic in the bedroom.

Of course, another obvious route is some light BDSM. Imagine bending over your lady’s knees for a little spanking session. If you want to communicate your desire for a good thwacking, surprise her with a new toy, like a love paddle or riding crop. Bondage is also a common type of dom/sub play and is a solid place to start if your girlfriend is on board but isn’t yet ready to inflict a little pain. It can be as intense or playful as you and your girlfriend want it to be. She can tie your hands behind your back with a necktie or restrain you to the bedposts with fuzzy handcuffs, your legs spread eagle on the bed. Maybe she’ll tickle you with a feather until you can’t stand it anymore or straddle you and rub herself against your hard cock.

Another great way for your lover to have more control in the sack is by giving her the power to decide when you come. Orgasm teasing can take some practice, but once mastered has the potential to really transform your sex life. A guy is most vulnerable right before he comes, which is why it’s so effective for femdom play. If you’ve never experimented with orgasm teasing, Glamour suggests your girlfriend move her hand or mouth away from the head of your penis to the base of your shaft, where it’s least sensitive, thus postponing your climax. To really build up the tension she can do this over and over again, alternating contact from the head to the shaft, making your penis her little bitch until she’s good and ready to let you orgasm.

Now, what if you want to try the ultimate form of submission? As in, getting fucked. Pegging, of course, refers to role-reversing intercourse in which the woman fucks the man. Usually, this involves a strap-on and dildo. Of course, this isn’t a request most straight women get, so this may take some convincing on your lady friend’s part.

If she’s shy about penetrating you, it might be helpful to start with less intrusive butt-play, like a rim job or having her insert a finger or two during sex. Let her see firsthand what the buzz about the male “P Spot” is all about. The “P,” of course, stands for prostate. explains how to find the P Spot, which is located about three-quarters of a finger length inside the anus, towards the base of the penis and feels sort of like a walnut. “It’s similar to the female G Spot, and gently massaging this area can give him a powerful orgasm.”

If you’ve never thought about getting pegged or are worried what this may say about your manhood, rest assured that many straight men enjoy the sensation and dynamic of being pegged. In a candid interview, one man described how exciting the role reversal was, saying it didn’t make him feel any less masculine, just more vulnerable. “We’re steeped in a culture of prescribed sexual roles for men and women,” he said, “so it’s a thrill to break the ‘rules’ and experience things that most people don’t dream of trying.”

It may take some convincing, but once your honey discovers what fun it is to fuck you with a dildo, don’t be surprised if she wants to strap it on again and again. And just think how exciting it will be to try all your favorite positions in reverse!

I have been having a blast with My little submissive slut, Amaya. Amaya is new to BDSM and I am thoroughly enjoying showing her the ropes (pun intended). I have already discovered she has a foot fetish and she is love with My big superior size 10s. Each minute I allow her to worship My sexy soles she gets more and more excited, she just cannot resist them.  She has become completely addicted to Me and My feet in just a matter of weeks serving Me and her addiction doesn’t even begin to stop there. She is addicted to every aspect of Me: My feet, ass, breasts, curves, superior and dominating personality wrapped up in a sexy and seductive package. Lucky for you I have recorded a few of our play dates so you can perv from afar as to what it would be like to serve Me in person.

Sub girl sucks on My size 10s!

Snapshot 2 (12-29-2014 11-00 AM)

I have My new play toy over, My shy new submissive slut amaya. She is brand new to BDSM and servitude and I am having lots of fun training her to serve ALL My needs. I just got back from an evening out drinking and dancing and My feet are very sore, not to mention I am very horny from all that bumping and grinding on the dance floor. I decide to let amaya rub My sore feet and worship them with her soft, sweet lips. she slowly removes My heels and begins rubbing My big, wide size 10s. I then allow her to begin kissing and sucking on My pantyhose covered Goddess feet. I get so turned on I remove My pantyhose and allow her to kiss up and down My legs before I take her into the other room and have My way with her.

Features: foot worship, foot slave training, female submissive, foot fetish, soles, foot smelling, toe sucking, girl-girl

Sub girl vs the hitachi part 2 (Part 1 &2 in the top 50 forced orgasm clips on clips4sale)!


In the first part of this series “Sub girl vs the hitachi part 1″ where I have My shy new sub girl down in My dungeon for the first time. I shackle her to the wall, blindfold her, tickle her and pull on her nipples with My fingers and My lips until she is moaning for more. I even bring out My hitachi and start teasing her with it in part 1 but you have to watch this installment of the series to see just how many times I make this little slut cum. Plus I am going to torture her by making her edge before allowing her to cum, and who knows I may even give her a ruined orgasm!

Features: lesbian domination, bondage, tickling, sensory play, nipple play, vibrator, orgasm control, forced orgasms, sub training

Spanking the slut

Snapshot 4 (1-1-2015 3-47 PM)

I catch My slutty little submissive amaya misbehaving so I take the whore over My knee and spank her skank ass until it is nice and red. I need a good grip while I am beating her little ass so I like to pull her hair and use it as a nice slutty little handle.

Features: spanking, lesbian domination, humiliation, OTK spanking, hair pulling, laughing, redheads

These are just a few of the many clips I have been filming with My new play toy, to see them all visit My clip store HERE and search by the lesbian domination category.  I play with My sub girl quite often so get those custom clip requests in now to Customs are $10/min with a 5 minute minimum.

My birthday week has started out wonderfully. It began with spoiling and fun. I woke up to clip sales and even a small but smile inspiring amazon giftcard. It may have only been for $20 but seeing the screenshot showing his bank balance of $0.16 afterwards made Me smile even more. A sacrifice made for My happiness is always a good sacrifice.  Knowing you take the bus, skip eating out or cut back on unneeded expenses to spend more on Me always shows Me you truly exist for My pleasure. Anyways back to what is important…ME!


After waking to the wonderful tributes, I got to see a local boy and have My pantyhose covered feet worshiped.  He of course paid dearly for the privilege.  Later in the afternoon I took My morning’s spoils and went with a girlfriend of Mine to Sephora and Victoria’s Secret to pick up some new makeup, perfume and other assorted goodies. Now back home doing a girls night filled with manicures, face masks, crazy makeovers and a walking dead marathon. I hope the rest of the week is just as great and it is your job to make sure that want is fulfilled (that and ALL My wants).


A few smart boys have already asked Me what I want most so I will make it easy and post here to save Myself from having to constantly repeat it.

My number #1 want for My birthday is CA$H! I am heading to Tampa August 6-13th for FetCon and some beach fun and I want lots of spending money. I plan on buying tons of fetish gear at FetCon and you will be paying for it all. I will have subs on hand to cover My daily expenditures but that doesn’t mean I don’t want LOTS and LOTS of cash on hand for shopping! I will also be taking a few days after FetCon to enjoy the beach and you will be covering those expenses as well.


My favorite ways to drain your cash are gift rockets (send to, PP, clipvia, and a few others that can be found HERE

I also really enjoy receiving birthday cards, especially if filled with your hard earned cash. If you wish to mail a card you can send to My UPS box:

Q. K.

1939 Wentzville Pkwy, Suite 269

Wentzville, MO 63385


In addition to a monetary tribute and birthday card I think all of My boys (and admirers/fans/stalkers) should also purchase at least one gift off My amazon wishlist (or send an amazon giftcard to I am such a greedy birthday Queen aren’t I? But dammit I deserve it, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Amazon wishlist:

Now get to work, the big day is WEDNESDAY but you should be spoiling Me every single day this week or even better, month!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty


The most important day of the year is approaching fast, JULY 16, MY BIRTHDAY!!! In celebration of My awesomeness I decided to be incredibly nice to all My fans, submissives, stalkers, etc… I have made a new coupon on KINKBOMB that will give you 50 % of ANY ORDER.

That’s right, 50% off ANY order. NOW you can only use the coupon code 1X per customer so I suggest you use it well and stock up on all your PQM addiction material. It also expires at the end of July so don’t miss out!

coupon code: QKBDAY

 Don’t forget you can only use it ONCE so make it count! Now go get your kink on:

Snapshot 1 (5-3-2014 11-51 AM)

I am looking for male AND FEMALE submissives. I have had tons of males throwing themselves at My feet but I am still waiting for the right female to come crawling to My royal Queendom begging for acceptance. I think there is something a female submissive can offer to Me that a male submissive never will, My sissies come close but still just isn’t the same. Any submissive wanting to serve Me real time will be required to meet Me in person for an interview. If the interview goes well then you will be allowed another meeting with Me as a trial f0r the position you are filling. I have listed the current openings or specific qualities that I am seeking. Make sure you specify what position you are wanting to fill, if you want to apply for more than one that is acceptable. Also make sure when you apply that you specify what days and times you can serve.

1. Sissy maid or domestic slave: cleaning the castle on a regular basis, weekly or bi-weekly preferably. This can be done in a maids uniform or in regular clothing as long as you clean to My level of approval then you may be clothed however while doing so. Tasks may also include general household cleaning, breaking down amazon boxes, running errands, doing grocery shopping, mowing lawn, shoveling snow or anything else My heart desires.

2. Web slave: promotion slut extraordinaire. Expected to tweet My clips, My blogs, My wishlist links and anything else PQM related. Leaving comments on all of My blogs and pictures. Being a watchdog for pirated clips. (ALL of My subs should be doing these things)! If you are good at web design and/or can create banners this is definitely a bonus but only if you can make REALLY good ones. If local once a certain level of trust is achieved you will also be useful in clip uploading and website maintenance.

3. Photo/Film slave: I am looking for submissives willing to be in fetish clips. If you contact Me wanting to apply for this position make sure you include what type of clips you are willing to film. For examples of what I normally film CLICK HERE! I am also seeking submissives who know how to run a camera, still or video. Professional quality photo-shoots and a keen eye for angles when recording POV clips is a definite bonus. Email Me any references to or examples of your previous work. Send to

tearing kb

4. Royal carpenter: I have a few projects around the castle I want to accomplish including additions to My home dungeon.. I am seeking someone with real experience in carpentry, electrical and possibly even plumbing. Pictures of previous projects can be emailed to the address above.

5. Royal ATM: I am always looking for financial slaves both online and realtime. you will be required to make a weekly or bi-weekly tribute and you may also be blessed enough to do additional spoiling of your Queen throughout the month. I will review your finances and decide where cuts can be made for you to sacrifice more for Me and take less for yourself. In person piggies can take Me shopping or participate in real life wallet rapes (or ATM rapes). My panties are moist just thinking about it.Snapshot 3 (1-27-2014 10-36 AM)

Other qualities that are beneficial are training in massage therapy (real training – I will be able to tell) and real estate experience or connections. I am currently seeking a new dungeon space and I HATE searching through rental property.

I expect anyone applying to be able to serve on a regular and consistent basis, even if only once a month or every other week I do expect you to hold to a schedule. My life is very busy and I need everyone in My Queendom running on schedule to keep things running smoothly. I hate running behind and I hate being flustered so it is best to not be the person who puts Me in that situation. Always be on time when meeting Me. ON TIME. not early, not late. you may arrive early but don’t knock or rush Me. I expect you to respect Me, My time, and My privacy, if you cannot do this then do not apply.

To apply to join My Queendom, email Me at and tell Me exactly why you want to serve, how you plan to serve, how often you are able to serve, and any previous experiences you have including references.

I look forward to reading your applications, be as detailed as possible if you really want a chance at true servitude.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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I have been traveling this year and that has allowed Me to ravage wallets and film some sexy clips with My incredibly amazing and wonderful red headed friend Princess Mandy.  I even corrupted Her a little and got Her to burst Her real-time cherry with a nice little flogging session! To see Her BDSM cherry popping, GO HERE!

I was only in town a few days but even with the non-stop calls, sessions & double Domme mindfucking We were doing We were still able to make some time to record some mind-blowing new clips for all Our addicts. Here are just a few:

Redheaded Wallet Devils

Redheaded wallet devils

Queen Kitty & Princess Mandy are teaming up to eviscerate your wallet & all your bank accounts. We know how weak you are for greedy, bratty redheads & We are going to use it to fuck you over financially. you will be jerking off to your credit card bills for weeks you pathetic piggy. you crave to go so deep for Us, We are going to fuckstart your wallet & leave you begging for Us to take more, more, MORE!

Features: financial domination, redheads, brat girls, wallet draining, findom, money fetish, mind fuck, double Domme

Big Foot, Little Foot

big foot, little foot

My bratty friend Princess Mandy and I have decided to really torture you foot boys tonight. We are going to tease and taunt you with Our feet. My big, wide spectacular size 10s compared to Her sexy, seductive and petite size 7s. We compare them side by side showing how big Mine are compared to Hers. We talk about Our toes and how Hers are round and perfect for sucking. We wiggle them in your face but refuse to let you stroke. No stroking for you today boy, only tease and denial by Our amazing feet. We also use Our wrinkles to mindfuck you more than you thought was possible. Between the two of Us there are wrinkles for miles. you really don’t stand a chance foot boy. Our feet will rule you. Big foot, little foot…both will fuck your mind foot boy.

Features: foot comparison, foot fetish, wrinkled soles, double Domme, brat girls, big feet, little feet, wide feet

In addition to hot double Domme clips I have also been filming some great new POV & Domme/sub content as well. Foot fetish, Scissor-holding, sock-smelling, face-sitting, ball busting, hell something for almost every type of kinkster, I even did My first sploshing clip! Stay tuned for another teaser blog or go to My store and see them all now!

For more of My PQM filled clips, CLICK HERE!                 For more Princess Mandy clips, CLICK HERE!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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