As I sit here on this beautiful Saturday morning enjoying my coffee, a nice smoke and my warmest fuzzy socks I reflect on September’s events. Like life always is, my month was filled with ups, downs, and everything in between.
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As many of you may know, I got a new vehicle recently and it has been such a blessing. No more stress over repairs and such, plus it was FREE! Best belated birthday present EVER! My house decided to take up some of the slack on the repair induces stress front, my damn AC is acting up and will need recharged before next summer.

I also reconnected with a very good old friend and lover this month. I have been high on the exciting feelings of a new relationship and all the opportunities it has to bring, not to mention the RIDICULOUS amounts of sex we have been having lately. I love sex in the beginning of a relationship, well OK I love sex throughout the whole thing but especially in the beginning. Exploring your lover’s body and their likes and dislikes, learning new things about yourself even (those of you close to me know about a few discoveries I have made), and of course trying new things…maybe if you are lucky I will tell you later about the new experiences I have had and ENJOYED immensely.

With the new relationship I have had less time to devote to being online and also to having real time sessions. This has brought upon a cleaning in my Queendom. I have released many slaves and also set up a new private ID of which only 8 people have been allowed the pleasure of having. My time is even more precious now and you really, really have to impress me to be a part of my life going forward. Quality over quantity, plain and simple. I do not need to waste precious amounts of my time, no matter how small, chatting with anyone not worthy. If you plan on remaining in my life then you better make sure you have properly earned that place and continue to keep earning my time and attention with your loyalty, devotion, worship and any other tools at your disposal. I prefer to have very close connections with my few chosen slaves over having so many slaves that I can’t really connect with any of them. Do not get me wrong, there will still be times when I play with other slaves or subs for my entertainment and benefit, but those individuals will not receive the same connection that is found between a true goddess/slave relationship.

As my chosen few know, I devote myself entirely to my lifestyle..this is me. I do not put on an act or pretend to be something I am not. I do not turn my domme self on and off, I may not wear my thigh highs to work but I am a goddess 100% of the time. Whether I am in a corset and shiny black boots, or lounging on my couch in a tank top and fuzzy pajama pants, I am a goddess. It is who I am, it runs in my blood, the feelings of superiority and dominance. The pleasure I get from hearing my crop against bare skin, or the rush of a when a slave gives himself over to me completely, is all real. I live for this and could not even imagine my life without it.

I have a few openings left for the addition of a very chosen elite few who think they can live up to being my owned slave. If you think you would like a shot then message me and tell me more about yourself, your ideas on dominance and submission and what you think you have to offer me in a life of servitude.

September was amazing and I cannot wait to see what October brings.

Crops & Kisses,

 Queen Kitty

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