DAY ONE.  SUCCESS!Snapshot_20130304_12

I just had My first session since taking the dungeon full time and it was a blast.  It ended up being an impromptu DOUBLE DOMME session with Bratty Jamie! Originally she was just going to do the filming but when loser boy saw her come in the dungeon he immediately started to beg for a DOUBLE session. He started forking over more $$$ and lucky for him Jamie decided to say yes.  What a lucky little subbie, not only was he a BDSM virgin getting his cherry popped by Me the amazing Queen of all that is sadistic and sexy (dressed to kill in My naughty nurses uniform)..but now he is going to have his cherry popped by the TWO of us!!! It doesn’t get much better than that! Needless to say, he LOVED it!  It didn’t even matter if Jamie was dressed in a tank top and athletic pants, when else would a loser like this get a chance to be with two amazing and sexy woman….even if being with us meant us torturing him mercilessly.  LOL.


Jamie had to run out a bit later but this little fool didn’t have his fill.  He begged to play longer.  He tributed over and over to continue playing. IT WAS HOT! I love when a sub knows where he belongs and what he has to do to stay there. I found out that this virgin was a fan of one of My personal favorites….CBT!!! I continue playing around with ropes, clamps, clips, squeezing, pulling & more. I tortured MY new cock in any way I wanted and the good little CBT bitch only begged for more. As W/we finished the session he begged to give Me another $100 as a down payment to come back the next day. Another double session with Bratty Jamie is what he begged for…what an addicted little puppet he has become for us already.

Day one is starting out MARVELOUSLY!!

OHHHHH did I mention that I also found out today that My buttercup @footboidon also got a HUGE raise today which will almost double his salary and MY BANK ACCOUNT considering he hands over every check into My sexy, sadistic little hands….it is good being the Queen.   As you can see from the photo above I AM A HAPPY QUEEN!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of this day and week hold!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty


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