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I am looking for male AND FEMALE submissives. I have had tons of males throwing themselves at My feet but I am still waiting for the right female to come crawling to My royal Queendom begging for acceptance. I think there is something a female submissive can offer to Me that a male submissive never will, My sissies come close but still just isn’t the same. Any submissive wanting to serve Me real time will be required to meet Me in person for an interview. If the interview goes well then you will be allowed another meeting with Me as a trial f0r the position you are filling. I have listed the current openings or specific qualities that I am seeking. Make sure you specify what position you are wanting to fill, if you want to apply for more than one that is acceptable. Also make sure when you apply that you specify what days and times you can serve.

1. Sissy maid or domestic slave: cleaning the castle on a regular basis, weekly or bi-weekly preferably. This can be done in a maids uniform or in regular clothing as long as you clean to My level of approval then you may be clothed however while doing so. Tasks may also include general household cleaning, breaking down amazon boxes, running errands, doing grocery shopping, mowing lawn, shoveling snow or anything else My heart desires.

2. Web slave: promotion slut extraordinaire. Expected to tweet My clips, My blogs, My wishlist links and anything else PQM related. Leaving comments on all of My blogs and pictures. Being a watchdog for pirated clips. (ALL of My subs should be doing these things)! If you are good at web design and/or can create banners this is definitely a bonus but only if you can make REALLY good ones. If local once a certain level of trust is achieved you will also be useful in clip uploading and website maintenance.

3. Photo/Film slave: I am looking for submissives willing to be in fetish clips. If you contact Me wanting to apply for this position make sure you include what type of clips you are willing to film. For examples of what I normally film CLICK HERE! I am also seeking submissives who know how to run a camera, still or video. Professional quality photo-shoots and a keen eye for angles when recording POV clips is a definite bonus. Email Me any references to or examples of your previous work. Send to

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4. Royal carpenter: I have a few projects around the castle I want to accomplish including additions to My home dungeon.. I am seeking someone with real experience in carpentry, electrical and possibly even plumbing. Pictures of previous projects can be emailed to the address above.

5. Royal ATM: I am always looking for financial slaves both online and realtime. you will be required to make a weekly or bi-weekly tribute and you may also be blessed enough to do additional spoiling of your Queen throughout the month. I will review your finances and decide where cuts can be made for you to sacrifice more for Me and take less for yourself. In person piggies can take Me shopping or participate in real life wallet rapes (or ATM rapes). My panties are moist just thinking about it.Snapshot 3 (1-27-2014 10-36 AM)

Other qualities that are beneficial are training in massage therapy (real training – I will be able to tell) and real estate experience or connections. I am currently seeking a new dungeon space and I HATE searching through rental property.

I expect anyone applying to be able to serve on a regular and consistent basis, even if only once a month or every other week I do expect you to hold to a schedule. My life is very busy and I need everyone in My Queendom running on schedule to keep things running smoothly. I hate running behind and I hate being flustered so it is best to not be the person who puts Me in that situation. Always be on time when meeting Me. ON TIME. not early, not late. you may arrive early but don’t knock or rush Me. I expect you to respect Me, My time, and My privacy, if you cannot do this then do not apply.

To apply to join My Queendom, email Me at and tell Me exactly why you want to serve, how you plan to serve, how often you are able to serve, and any previous experiences you have including references.

I look forward to reading your applications, be as detailed as possible if you really want a chance at true servitude.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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