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Have you been bad? Do you need to come grovel at my feet, kissing my beautifully pedicured toes? Do you need to tell me all your dirty little secrets? Tell me about how you are pathetic and worthless. You will lay at my feet begging for forgiveness for all your sins. When you call me you had better be on your knees where you belong slave


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You crave me….every second of every day. You long for me. You need me. You wonder what I am doing, knowing you will never be in my presence but dreaming of it anyways. You long to be close to me in any way possible. Well this is all you get and it is far more than you deserve. Lucky for you I am going to let you get your Queen fix. While I am shopping, getting pampered at the salon, partying, hanging with my man, raping wallets or just sitting around the house being amazing…I am going to let you call and listen. You don’t deserve my attention and you won’t get it but you can call and listen to my amazing life. It is as close as you will EVER get to being a part of my life. Call and listen to what you will NEVER have loser.


Call Button

Not for the weak-hearted or those with puny wallets. This line is strictly for My hardcore pay piggies, wallet whales, money monkeys, cash cows & dinero dogs. Those of you who know your only purpose in life is to please Me and the ONLY way you can please Me is with your WALLET! My Rules: -When contacting me you must FIRST always ask for permission to speak. -You will refer to me as Queen, Goddess, or Mistress…..NEVER MA’AM OR MISS!!!


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