It is time for My 5th annual SUPERKINKBOWL raffle.

The squares are $5 per square. Email Me at to get your squares before they sell out! Just tell Me the letters corresponding to the square you want. For example square AN or AR. Or you could choose MY favorite square, the QK square.  The QK square is a special square that cost $25 because it is better than all the other squares of course.  IF YOU WIN ON THE QK SQUARE, YOU GET DOUBLE THAT PRIZE!!! I accept many payment methods including: My NF page, Circle pay or GW (queenkittyownsu@gmail), iwantclips tribute, amazon, starbucks gc and more. Click on the links to tribute now or email Me for more info on alternative payment options.

Since I waited later than normal to start this, I am offering bonus squares with every purchase of $10 or more. For every 2 squares you buy ($10) you will get 1 bonus square. Buy 10 squares ($50), you will get 5 bonus squares!  Buy 20 squares ($100) and you will get 10 bonus squares! Best of luck to everyone. Now do what you do best and make Me smile by filling out My board.

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Once all the boxes are filled the letters will be replaced with the numbers 0-9 (randomly chosen out of a hat). Then at each quarter the score will determine the winner. If at the 1st quarter the score is EAGLES 27 – PATRIOTS 34  then the person who has EAGLES with 7 and PATRIOTS with 4 will win that quarter’s prize. The numbers are completely random so it is total game of chance, you don’t have to know a thing about football to win! Obviously the more squares you buy the better your chances are to win. I will also make a video of Me drawing the numbers to confirm the numbers are chosen at random.

Don’t wait too long or you will miss you on your chance to win My SuperKinkBowl!  Prizes includes My worn socks/panties or 5 minute cam session for 1st & 3rd quarter. Prize for halftime is a 5 min custom clip or a 10 min cam session and the GRAND PRIZE is a 10 min custom clip or  a 15 min cam session! If you pick the QK square and win in any quarter,  you will get DOUBLE that prize (2 pairs of panties/socks or 2 custom clips or cam sessions).

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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