OK it is official. The suite has been booked and no I won’t tell you where unless you are one of the pigs coming to serve Me. It is a beautiful suite with a King sized bed. I totally typed Kink size first….Freudian slip, I think so. The room looks amazing and I am very excited about this trip since I have never been to Chicago. I am doing sessions for any Chicago area UNOWNED pets starting Friday at 7pm going through late Sat night possibly Sunday. If you are interested then you need to message Me immediately because My time is very limited and I am already getting many responses. I will not spend My whole trip doing sessions so do NOT miss your chance.

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I am also looking for any online piggies who want to pamper Me along the trip. You may pay for the hotel charges, meals, outings, shopping, etc. I will not pay a penny on this trip, that is one thing I love about taking trips or vacations. I never have to pay for them, in fact, you piggies usually spend so much you pay for the trip and then some. It is so good being the Queen!

Deposit those trip tributes here:


ALSO – anyone who can recommend any cool places to visit or restaurants to eat at, that would be AMAZING!

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  • It is super awesome that You will be visiting Chicago this weekend, my Queen! i’m ecstatically elated for You and for the lucky subs who get to experience the utter bliss of being in Your presence during the trip! i’ve visited Chicago once before and i found the museum of science and industry to be really groovy, so that might be worth checking out if You are into that sorta thing.

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