Day 2 of Mindfuck Manor’s 7 Days of Christmas! With brand new and innovative Double Domme mindfuck clips released every day, each with a naughty and fun Christmas theme ! Today Goddess Jennifer and I make you weak and drooling puppets with Our INSATIABLE greed and Our luscious lips. It is Christmas time after all and you should be digging deep to spoil Us.

Stuff Our Stockings pig!

Stuff Our Stockings pig

Mindfuck Manor’s 2nd release featuring epic new video editing bringing Dommes all over the world together for the first time! In Our sexy new Christmas themed clip makes you dig deep in your wallet to fulfill Our greedy desires. We want Our stockings stuffed piggy and you are going to do everything you can to give Us everything We want. Panties, perfume, makeup, giftcards, lingerie, electronics, jewelry, and of course CASH, you will give it ALL to US! We don’t care what you have to do, you will please Us pig or you will be tossed out.

Christmas Kiss ft. Queen Kitty


 Day 2 of mine and Queen Kitty’s double Domme Christmas themed clips!
Do you see what we’re standing under? Is that mistletoe?? Well, I guess that means we have to kiss huh? I bet you’re DYING to kiss one of us, aren’t you? Can you just imagine our perfect, soft, plump lips on yours?! OMG you could die happy. Well, just wait a second there, you don’t get to kiss us just yet…first you’re going to have to sit there like a good boy and watch patiently as we coat our delicious lips in devil red. We tease and taunt you with our luscious lips, licking our lips and blowing you kisses. But do you actually think we would EVER kiss a loser like YOU?! Fuck NO! 6 Minutes 27 Seconds
Click & Spend minions!
Crops & Kisses,
Queen Kitty


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