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I’ve released another one of my Christmas themed videos featuring the amazing Queen Kitty. (Click here to see more of her!)

Day 3 of Mine and Queen Kitty’s Christmas themed clips! (Sorry for the delay in Mine, I was dealing with someones death right before Christmas)We know allllll about that balloon fetish of yours! And we just look so irresistible blowing up these red and green balloons for you. Balloons make everybody happy! Especially YOU! We toss the balloons in the air and play with them and some of them ever get away from us! So much giggling and teasing in this clip, you’ll love it even if you DON’T have a balloon fetish! At the end of the clip we destroy the balloons like we could destroy your balls. We squeeze them in-between our sharp nails and POP!

Balloons, Popping, Queen Kitty, Goddess Jennifer, Double Domination, Double Domme, Inflatables, Tease & Denial, Nails

To see the full collection of double Domme Christmas themed clips make sure to hit both stores:

Goddess Jennifer’s store: http://clips4sale.com/20512 

Queen Kitty’s store: http://clips4sale.com/45239


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