I was sitting around editing clips and talking with My bestie Goddess Jennifer when this amazing idea hit Me! I know someone else has probably done this already but I haven’t seen it yet so I think the idea is innovative and going to take your little submissive brains by storm. I can’t recall how many times I have received requests for custom clips including multiple Dommes, and considering almost all My Domme friends live in different states and some even in different countries spread all over the world it makes doing these type of clips impossible….until now.

That is right drooling, addicted submissives worldwide now have access to double Domme clips featuring some of the hottest Dommes around. Seductively deadly combinations of superior Ladies that have never come together before can now team up to pass you around like the party favor that you were born to be! Can you handle a double Domme, triple Domme or even group Domme Mindfucking??? If so step inside MINDFUCK MANOR where all your dreams and nightmares come true. Innovative clip editing now not only brings together some of your sexy fetish favorites but is done so in a way that leaves you feeling used like a party toy, passed around from Domme to Domme with a relentless assault of sadistic humiliation and seductive superiority.

Since this is the inaugural week of MINDFUCK MANOR I will be releasing one brand new mindfucking clip every day from now until Christmas. These first clips will be starring My bestie Goddess Jennifer and We will be using you as Our toy throughout an onslaught of seductive & sadistic clips. Humiliation, tease and denial, foot fetish, and more all with fun Christmas themes to pull you further and further down the rabbit hole.  Here is a little peek at Our first two releases “Sweeter than you” and ”

Sweeter than you

sweeter than you 2The FIRST clip ever from MINDFUCK MANOR, starring Queen Kitty and Goddess Jennifer, prepare to be mindfucked like never before! Innovate new double Domme mindfucking like you have never experienced. Get passed back and forth like the party toy that you are little minion. Humiliated, teased and taunted back and forth like a ping pong ball in Our fun and sadistic game.

Today We show you some candy canes We found and laugh at how they remind Us of your small and pathetic cocks. We seductively lick and suck on these candy canes teasing you about how you can only dream about it being your cock because We would never allow a submissive loser anywhere near Our perfect, plump red lips. I even whip out a huge candy cane at the end showing you the size We really want and laughing at you for being no where near close enough. Keep dreaming and enjoy your very first double Domme mindfuck from MINDFUCK MANOR. 7 minutes 1 second




Under OUR MistleTOES


A ground breaking genius idea developed by the wicked Queen Kitty, double Domme clips without actually having to be together. Imagine the possibilities! DAY ONE of OUR Christmas themed clips! In this sexy foot clip the only thing you’ll be kissing under the mistletoe is OUR 20 perfect toes! We know you get soo weak at the sight of them. You just can’t help it, you’re addicted to feet and we’re going to use that to our advantage! 6 minutes 31 seconds

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better I am now going to tell you that things have only begun! I am already working on triple Domme clips for Mindfuck Manor starring Goddess Jennifer and Snobby Alexa. Plus I already have evil ideas churning for some hot double Domme clips w Snobby Alexa and many of My other Domme friends. I will be sending emails out tonight or tomorrow to see who is interested in getting involved and doing clip trades with each other. I would love to get some group Domme clips with 5 or more Ladies to give it a real “pass the party favor” feel. Ladies interested feel free to email Me at queenkittyownsyou@yahoo.com for more information!

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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