THIS Thursday (3/26) My super-sadistic partner in crime Bratty Jamie is coming over for a day full of clips, wallet rapes, real time and online sessions. When Bratty Jamie and I get together not only is it very satisfying to Our bank accounts but it is also satisfying to My soul.  To put it simple, We have a fucking blast. We are both sadistic no-nonsense Dommes who won’t take shit from anyone (especially a sub) but We are also incredibly seductive, intelligent and HILARIOUS ladies (see below).

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We both have a sense of humor which in Our community can sometimes be a lost personality trait or considered less than appropriate Domme behavior. That is one thing I love about Jamie, she does and says whatever she wants (including to Me) and she doesn’t give a flying monkey fuck who cares.  The other thing I love about Jamie is they way We feed off each other when We are together. Whether We are being completely ridiculous (above), going balls to the wall fuckstarting a piggy’s wallet (below),  or testing the limits of a new play thing in My dungeon (above) We always have an amazing time.  That IS what it is all about right?


If you want in on the fun email Me at to schedule an online or real time session with the amazing and devious duo. We also plan on filming many clips Thursday as well so get in any custom requests ASAP!


This is just a taste of the damage We can do to piggies, sissies, cum dumpsters, asshats, foot bitches and humiliation maggots from Our first Double Domme session and that was mostly from ONE PIG. We think collectively the lot of you should be able to please both of Us supreme Goddesses even more this go round.

ANTE UP bitches, get on your knees with your head down, and wallet presented for Our fuckstarting.


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