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This weekend has been AMAZING!!! Friday night started with a RT session with my piggy. First he delivered dinner, silly piggy almost passed out when I opened the door standing there in my new black and green bustier with matching green boy shorts and black thigh high boots. My ass and these boots = deadly combination. I ate dinner and even let the little piggy sit at feet and kiss my boots while I ate. After dinner we went to the basement and I proceeded to strip the piggy down and make him get on all fours where he belongs. He then got a stern lecture with nipple clamp reinforcement about how selfish he is and that it is unacceptable as all my wants come before any of his needs and he if failing until I am completely satisfied…which we all know is NEVER LOL!!!!! A couple slaps to his cheek and tugs of the nipple clamps and my point is well understood.

I then let my piggy start to worship my boots, kissing them while kneeling at my feet. While the piggy is worshiping my feet I am going through his wallet removing MY cash…I looked down and kicked him away. “Wait a minute..where is my surprise?” He then whips out a $50 Starbucks gift card (yes you know I am an addict!) Tucked neatly inside my gift card is a $50 to add to the stack of cash I have already removed from his wallet. Damn it’s good being Queen sometimes…and this piggy has been top notch this week. Tonight’s Starbucks card is the second $50 card he has got me this week in addition to a lovely strand of pearls. LOVE BIRTHDAYS, well at least mine! HA!

After the boot worship is finished we head back upstairs and play another game. One of my favorites called “Pick Your Bill”. Laid out in front of him are 5 envelopes containing some of my monthly bills. Electricity bill, Water & Trash, Credit Cards, TV & the one I was hoping he would pick….MORTGAGE! The piggy gets to pick the envelope and that is the bill he pays. He picked water and trash, a mere $60 but still an exciting game, which is truly the point. After telling the piggy to get the fuck out, I sit on the couch counting my spoils and relaxing as you know I deserve.

Sat is full oh shenanigans with my sister the AMAZING Goddess Marley, my soul-mate and hands down FAVORITE partner in crime!!! I arrive, a Starbucks Frappucino in each hand and as I walk in I am immediately told to hop on cam for two seconds of panty torture. It was turquoise invasion today. Literally 20 seconds later the cam is off and we are walking back out the door for manis, pedis, & shopping at the expensive of the panty whore still drooling on his computer. After shopping, nail therapy, and some lunch we head back to her house to get ready. One of my slaves “greybush” was honored with the treat of taking us to the local drag queen show. He paid for us to get in and kept the drinks coming all night. The drag show was a BLAST and my new favorite Sat night activity! Not to mention the BITCHIN shoes slave greybush surprised me with after the show. We get back to my sister’s house around 2 am and look who is online…my sis piggy “prenup”. This fool has been begging for a wallet rape, so we deliver..our favorite way, DOUBLE DOMME STYLE. Two hot, sadistic, mean, greedy dommes against one weak little piggy…can you say EASY PICKINGS??? BAHAHAHAHA

Sun (today) I slept in, had a lazy day with a lovely breakfast and some time for me and my sis to just kick it and relax. I got home and did a little foot worship for my cuckold sissy and spent the evening updating my birthday wishlist and relaxing in preparation for tomorrow festivities. All day BBQ with swimming, fireworks, family & friends!! WOOT WOOT!

On a final note….as I am sitting here writing this 3 new gifts have been purchased from my birthday list. Did I mention it is good being The Queen? Wink




Crops & Kisses,
Queen Kitty

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