It has been a little over a month now since I quit My day job and opened My dungeon.  It has been a complete turnaround from the life I used to lead.  I still get up early in the morning every weekday, although I did take the luxury of changing My alarm time from 5:45 a.m. to 6:45 a.m.  I honestly can’t sleep past 7 a.m. anyways because the dreaded light wakes Me and I am done for…once I see the morning rays through My window I just can’t go back to sleep. Every morning I head off happily to My dungeon (which is only 12 minutes from My home) unlike before when most mornings I dreaded the 45 min commute in traffic to sit locked in a cubicle for 8 hours doing the same mindless tasks day in and day out. I cringe now just thinking about it again. No, now I start My days with a smile and usually an evil little smirk across My sinfully seductive face.
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When I get to the dungeon each day I make sure things are set up for any sessions,  My live-in slave buttercup almost always makes sure things are prepared so I can just come in and start playing. I also head up to My studio aka Command Central where at any given time there could be one to four computers out and running evil tasks, especially if Bratty Jamie is over dealing out double Domme sessions.
Most mornings I will film, edit, upload clips, answer emails and log in to My favorite fetish websites. This is where sometimes I get sidetracked talking to all My lovely Lady friends, but seeing as I am My own boss now I can do these types of things. OH MY GOODNESS, if you had been in on the video call Goddess BellaDonna and I had this week where she described riding her bicycle while in her sexy Domme outfit and seen Us giggling like little school girls; tears were running down My face I was laughing so hard. Interactions like that are so good for My soul, I cherish them so much and I am so glad I have so much more time to focus on building the relationships I have with My fellow Ladies, deepening the bonds with My pets and meeting and adding new subjects to My royal Queendom. I am also ecstatic that this new found freedom affords me the ability to meet so many new people, both Dominant and submissve, unlike when I worked and had no time.  Since deciding to live My dream I am now traveling. I am actually writing this piece from My suite near Chicago, something I couldn’t have done before making this change; well I could have but it would have been much more trouble than it would’ve been worth.  Now I can travel VERY frequently and I find that anytime I do travel, the local subs come running in droves to submit to the Queen. Yesterday alone a local sub paid $450 for a session that lasted no longer than 25 mins!  That more than paid for My travel expenses and the AMAZING room I am staying in with My sissy muffy. And the little subbie is so addicted that he just booked another session again today! I think I may have another minion to add to My Queendom’s stable.
No Queen travels alone, you know I must have a sissy on hand to tend to My every need and muffy is top notch at making sure I am constantly as happy as Goddess-ly possible.  As stated above I am meeting lots of new people in the lifestyle, whether it be submissives local to the areas that I have been traveling to or even some local Dommes and I have been discussing meeting up for a lunch/pampering/shopping one day. Add having more time to attend some of the local St. Louis BDSM events and I am like a kid in a candy store. The world is My oyster , I really do feel like I am on top of the world.  I mean look at this room, plus being waited on hand and sexy size ten foot ALL day and night long. HEAVEN!
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Running the dungeon has really been a different experience than what I am used to online or with My previous realtime experiences. Normally I would not meet someone new without speaking with them for an extended period of time beforehand so I am adjusting a bit with meeting new subs without really getting to know them ahead of time. I actually find if very interesting, taking a new sub down to My dungeon and really getting to know them in a very intense and balls-to-the-wall kinda way. There is no pussy footing around, it is jump straight into the deep-end without a life preserver. So far I have not had a session I haven’t enjoyed, all the submissives I have played with have been VERY respectable and some have already become new additions to My Queendom. I won’t share all the details of each session, due to respecting the privacy of My pets and also because if you wanna experience playing in My dungeon then you should nut up and book a session or at least call My Nite Flirt line and pay Me to tell you what all goes on in My kinky playground. 😉
I will share a few pics and tidbits from some of My favorite sessions so far, give you little sluts just a taste of the kinky fun that goes down in Queen Kitty’s playground or My sissy parlor. That’s right, at My dungeon I have a room set aside just for beautification and getting My gurls dressed up the way I choose for the day. I have had some really amazing gurls come through My parlor from all ends of the fetish spectrum. I had wonderful sessions in the same week with a new sissy who had never done a realtime session in her life followed by a VERY experienced cross dresser with many years experience under her sexy little belt.
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Some Dommes may not like sessioning with subs who are very experienced because of having to break old habits or fear of being compared to all others Dommes that sub has served but I really enjoy having sessions with experienced subs. I am not so arrogant to think that someone with years of experience wouldn’t be able to teach Me a thing or two about fetishes or even just entertain Me telling Me their kinky tales. I know the sweetheart I sessioned with taught Me quite a few things in O/our first session and I can’t wait to go shopping and have a girls/gurls night on the town with her very soon! I may even take a group of My gurls out, dressed to the nines, for pedicures, dinner, drinks and the casino. That will be a skirt-lifting, hell-raising time I am sure! See pics below of My gurls and the fun W/we had in the parlor and dungeon.

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Another session I just have to share is the AMAZING CBT session I had while here in the Chicago area. This local sub really went the extra mile to make sure I was enjoying Myself. I have never had a sub be able to stand having this many clothespins on his cock and balls especially for as long as this sub did. I was VERY impressed, plus I had a great time knocking all of them off of him with My crop, hand, foot, etc… SIMPLY IMPRESSIVE!!
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Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates from My Queendom, it only gets better and better each week! I know I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I just love My life now, it really is a dream come true and I look forward to each new day with excitement and joy that I thought was long lost. I am so happy to be living MY dream!!


  • Most Illustrious Queen, You are a tremendously talented writer and i have absolutely adored reading about the amazing awesomeness of Your life, Your sessions, and Your Queendom. i am sure that the gratitude of myself and all of Your subs for Your Domination is immeasurably immense, and everyone who comes into contact with You should be super thankful for Your overwhelmingly outsanding presence.

  • footboidon13 says:

    Thank You my Queen for mentioning me in brief in Your post. It is in an honor seeing as in so many ways i don’t deserve it. i am so proud of You. You very hard adn You have so come into Your own. You are very happy and thou i am unworthy of Your attention, i am happy to work hard in my job and help You organize Your dungeon and do what i can to help out. i wouldn’t what i have now without You. i will always be thankful.

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