As most of you know lately work has overloaded me with a special project including a ridiculously impossible deadline and it has had me beyond stressed. One of my local pets offered to relieve my stress Friday on my lunch hour. He picked me up from my work and escorted me to his apartment nearby. He had prepared me a lovely homemade Italian lunch but I was entirely too amped up to eat it just then so I took it back with me to work and devoured it there. Delicious!

As soon as we arrived I had him strip completely down and bend over the couch. I had his belt in my hand and I went to town. NO MERCY! No going easy. No starting slow. I had a fucking HORRIBLE week and someone was going to fucking pay for it. For at least 30 minutes straight I beat him. I only stopped to make him find me a new instrument as I was tiring of the belt. He returned with a spatula/tong contraption that worked very well as a paddle and a CBT device. By the end his ass was bleeding, he was crying in a pillow thanking me and begging for more. After it was all said and done I allowed him the honor to kiss my ass before he escorted me back to work. What a lucky little bitch..he has already begged for more…he even wishes to wear a humbler for me. I think I will allow him that pleasure.



Can you handle it??? RT sessions start out at $250/hour $100/deposit.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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