My Queendom is nearly complete, hard to believe it has only been a year since I found my new life. What a year it has been, ups and downs but in the end it has been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. If you wish to send an anniversary present you may. My wishlist is:

I am accepting a 3 new financial slaves and 2 additional humanATMs. Both must submit an application to Me (under “SLAVE APP” genius). Make sure you put “financial slave” or “humanATM” in the additional comments section.

As a financial slave you must contribute a % of your paycheck to me, the % will be determined after you have provided me with a complete budget. You will be put on financial lockdown, all purchases above $15 must be approved by me prior to spending. You will learn how to serve me better each and every week, sacrificing more and more to your Goddess as time goes by. You will maintain daily contact, checking in via text, yahoo, skype, email, or if you are really good phone.


A humanATM position is a much less personal relationship. You are just that. A MACHINE THAT PROVIDES ME WITH CASH. No more, no less. You will expect nothing in return. If I bless you with my presence via webcam, text, IM, or phone consider it your lucking fucking day. You exist strictly for providing my entertainment money. Dinner, movies, shopping, pedicures, mexican & margaritas with my step-sister Goddess Marley. The money I withdraw from you could possibly be spent in any number of ways to please me. As a humanATM you must have a MINIMUM $250 disposable income bc I have lots of wants and you will strictly exist to wait for the magical text or IM stating “$100 in my account now fuckface” and you will have that money in my account in 10 minutes or you will be smart enough to send an extra $100 for being late. Needless to say my humanATMs must be available to me 24/7.

If you think you are ready to commit then start by filling out my application and sending me an email or message. Really want to impress me, introduce yourself properly with an amazon gift certificate sent to

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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