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Red Eyelashes Mindf*ck in 1080 HD

Red Eyelashes Mindfuck
My eyes are so mesmerizing. Every time you see them you fall deeper and deeper under My spell. you crave Me, you need Me, you can’t exist without Me. My eyes grab you and never let go, it is like magic..pure Queen Magic to be exact. Tonight I am going to hypn0tize you and draw you deeper into My sadistic Queendom.
Features: eyelash fetish, mindf*ck, eye fetish, face fetish, mouth fetish, lipstick fetish

Baby Domme gets spanked in 1080 HD MP4

Baby Domme gets spanked
Another in the “Baby Domme” series, this one Baby Domme not only gets to be dominated by Queen Kitty and Snobby Alexa but why not bring in a 3rd Domme to spank this naughty little vixen’s ass? Of course the more the merrier and this isn’t any Domme…Baby Domme is lucky enough to get her tiny tushie spanked by the one and only Anna Banana, the sassiest cross-dresser around!! Things are about to get crazy for Baby Domme.
Features: spanking, Double Domme, Triple Domme, female domination, crossdresser fetish, ass fetish, humiliation

Ball slapping w Kandii Kiss and Queen Kitty 1080 HD

Ball Slapping w Kandii Kiss and Queen Kitty
Come here loser, are you ready to receive your punishment? Kandii and I are going to tie up this bitch so he can’t protect himself and then We are going to torture him by slapping his cock and balls over and over. We even pin him down on the couch and I grind his balls with My knee and heel of My shoe. Watch as We sadistically enjoy beating and slapping this bitch like he belongs.
Features: ball slapping, humiliation, up-skirt shots, brat girls, nipple torture, femdom POV
And last but not least! My very first racial humiliation clip! It all started out from a custom and went from there. After posting this clip it was in the TOP TEN in the interracial humiliation category the FIRST DAY I UPLOADED IT! So taboo you just can’t resist.

RACIAL – 5 Hot White Goddesses in 1080 HD MP4 version

5 Hot White Goddesses
Bow down to not one but FIVE HOT, SUPERIOR WHITE GODDESSES. No race is as good as Ours, you know it and so do We. you have a hard enough time resisting one ivory Goddess, there is no f*cking way you can resist FIVE ivory Goddesses. you will renounce your religion and begin to serve Us instead you dirty, filthy mutt!
Features: interracial domination, brat girls, religious, racial humiliation, & femdom POV
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Queen Kitty


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    you’ve been so busy and we certainly will reap the benefits hands down the best $30 i ever spent for your membership thank you for offering that. and the 5 of you are amazing together.

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