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  • tinypp sissy wimp says:

    I imagine this would be your reaction after I ask you if you think I could ever be man enough for a woman , along with you saying something like hell no faggot with your tiny lil 2inch long fingersized microbabydicklet you couldn’t satisfy a friggen flea homo ! Now get out of here you dumb lil faggot bitch before I beat the crap outta your faggot ass & take a piss & huge dump on your face stupid lil homo queer fag !!!

  • Slave R says:

    I am in love with the utter disdain you have for me in this picture my Queen. You are so perfect and I am just a little piggy dog slut boy that isn’t even worthy of serving the dirt under your heels. Please insult me and let me know how worthless and pathetic i am.

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