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I have recently added 3 new slaves to my Queendom and so far am VERY happy with the progress each are making. I have 1 RT slave who is going so above and beyond! He cleans my house, mows my lawn, runs errands…just today he drove an hour over to my sister Goddess Marley’s house to pick up my first shipment of goodies from my latest amazon raping. He then drove an hour all the way back to my house to deliver my booty, trim the yard, complete a couple other household duties and then we made 3 HOT foot worship videos just for shits and giggles. Smile

My other two newest slaves are currently both online piggies. I currently have both locked away to make sure they concentrate hard on working and living for my wants and needs only. Both piggies are doing very, very well keeping me very happy. Some of you may have seen where my little piglet cagemeinpanties even pleased me with purchasing 3 months of banner space on! Love when my piggies support me and the site, I can’t say it enough…GOOD PIGLET!

My other piggy is very new as we met in the past but he was a bit of a whore so I took my piece and sent him on his way. I told him when he got tired of whoring around and wanted to experience something much more meaningful to come back and talk to me, but that in the meantime I would of course rape his wallet anytime it felt a little too heavy. Wink After a few months of whoring around who comes knocking on my yahoo messenger door…surprise…not really. I knew he would come back as they always do and usually crawling on their knees, face down, wallet presented in hand open and ready to be emptied.

The first thing this piggy starts talking about is chastity, which I LOOOOVE so of course I had him throw that cock cage on immediately. No cumming first (which he now regrets, lol) just straight balls to the wall madness. In the first week he has already sent me his budget and completely given himself to me. I allow him to have enough money to pay bills and that is it. EVERY other penny from his check comes straight to me as it should. My favorite is when we were chatting and he talked about wondering how it would feel going to work all day and then at the end of the day being no further ahead then he was at the beginning, just remaining in the same position…and it excited him. Good piggy…I like the way you think. Wink

Stay tuned for more updates on all three of their journeys.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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