Hello My little money minions, wallet worms, pay piggies, dinero donkeys, cash cows, financial ferrets and more! It is your lucky day bitches. I have 2 openings in My Queendom for piggies ready to be led into My financial slaughterhouse. I would prefer 1 new real time pet and 1 new online pet, but I may take 2 online pets if their wallets really impress.

I have just recently opened My own dungeon and have so many things that need attended to regularly (not to mention an always growing wishlist of new toys wanted for My dungeon and feminization sissy parlor room). Any pets local to the St. Louis area contact Me for the realtime position. You will be expected to come to the dungeon on a bi-weekly basis at minimum to perform any tasks needed including building and/or testing any of My new implements of sadistic fun!

My online piggies will be satisfying Me in many ways seeing as I am completely insatiable you know I want it all and will settle for NO LESS! Any piggy wishing to apply to My Queendom will be required to not only purchase items off My never-ending wishlists but will also be required to a set minimum CA$H CA$H CA$H tribute weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your (MY) payday.

If you think you can handle serving one of the best, a well-established, REAL life Dominatrix and Queen of all that is greedy, sadistic and seductive….then crawl here My little minions and apply for the chance to be under My consideration. You will also send in your $50 application fee if you wish it to be read.

Also, if you haven’t already scoured EVERY inch of My site and ready every single on of My blogs; I suggest you do so if you want to impress Me. Do NOT approach Me without doing your proper research.

Do not disappoint Me My little piglets.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty


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