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Daily Tasks

Daily worship: Set up a shrine to your  Goddess. It should include many of My pictures and any used clothing I may have blessed and sent to you. It should also include mantras hanging on the wall to remind you what your purpose is life is every single day. The shrine should also be close to a tv or computer where you can watch My videos as you worship, and I mean real worship not stroking your cock. Time spent adoring Me and reflecting on how you can make Me happier and devote more of your life to Me. Send Me pics or videos of your shrine, email them to queenkittyownsu at gmail dot com. Time of worship will be 15 minutes every morning before you begin your day and 30 minutes every evening to remind you that I am always to be on your mind. your life now begins and ends with ME.

Promotion: Spread the gospel of Queen Kitty and My everlasting salvation. Make sure you are checking daily for any new blogs and leave comments, also check for new clips daily and tweet those. Of course you should also be buying every clip I make, even if you aren’t interested in that particular fetish you should be doing everything in your power to help your Queen succeed and that means getting Me into the TOP 50 studios on Clips4Sale!

Weekly Tasks

Budget Review: At the end of each week go back and review your expenditures. Were you too selfish? Did you really sacrifice everything you could to make sure you are giving everything you can to make Me smile? That extra $5 at lunch, did you really need that or are you just being selfish? Wouldn’t you rather get even more pleasure by making sacrifices every week and putting that money aside to surprise and spoil Me!

Sissy Tasks

#1 – Stock your sissy parlor $5


Writing tasks

#1 -Devotional lines – easy $5

#2 – Devotional lines – hard $5

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