“Oh, she got both feet on the ground
And she’s burning it down
Oh, she got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down”

This song (Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys) has been at the top of My playlist lately!  It motivates Me like crazy.  Why? Because I am that girl. I am on FIRE!! So many great and exciting things have been happening lately that I can barely keep up.  Everything is coming into place and all My plans are coming to fruition. I couldn’t be happier and more excited about the future.  I have My sights set VERY HIGH and as the song says….I am NOT backing down. 2013 is the year of Queen Kitty! Some very exciting changes include Me going full-time as a Domme and no longer having a day job! As I write this I only have 3 working days left!!! That means more time at home to play with My pets and expand My Queendom and My bank accounts.  It also means more time to focus on making clips.

CLIPS, CLIPS, CLIPS!!! You know how I get when I focus My sights on a target or goal, how unwavering I am when I want something. My clip store is no different.  All of My stores are doing well but My kinkbomb store has recently EXPLODED!!! I opened My store on 1/1/13 and it was down for about 3 weeks due to technical issues with the site, therefore……I hit the TOP 50 STUDIOS list in less than 5 weeks of operation!!!


I know I am amazing but this even shocked Me.  I remember getting the text from My buttercup @footboidon saying I was the #50 studio on Sunday evening and I thought he was teasing Me. “What?” I said. “Shut up! Really?!?” Not only that but I was #24 on the “Hot Studios” list and My new “Ass Addiction 3 ” clip was #16 on Hot clips list. I was and still am ECSTATIC!!! I am so proud of My little addicts getting Me into the top 50 in such a short time. NOW I WANT MORE!!! Surprised? LOL of course not…I am insatiable you know. Now I want in the TOP 25!! So do what you do best and give Me what I want as fast as you can. I don’t care if you are a clip buyer, go buy them anyways….you are here to do MY bidding and I want to see My sales skyrocket even more. So far the last 3 months each month has DOUBLED the month before in clip sales…I want to see this trend continue and even increase.

In honor of hitting the TOP 50 STUDIOS LIST I have posted a BRAND NEW ass worship clip “Ass Addiction 3” EXCLUSIVELY on KINKBOMB.  Click on the pic below to buy NOW and prepare to start edging.  I want you to buy this clip and use it ALL DAY tomorrow on WANKING WEDNESDAY! Tune in to My twitter @queenkittyownsu for specific instructions early Wednesday.


Since Sunday night My sales have been skyrocketing and I am now not only #44 on the TOP STUDIOS LIST but I am #1 on the HOT STUDIOS LIST!!! I LOVE BEING #1. Keep clicking and spending and keep Me there My pets. I want to see My name climb higher and higher!! You know how INSATIABLE I am and that I always want more. I also had 2 hot clips at this time as well! I love looking at the top list page and seeing My studio taking over!  Top 25 is MY next goal and I will reach it ASAP!


This is only one small thing that has happened recently. So many other exciting things are also happening. My 24/7 real-time slave buttercup has gotten Me a condo to use for My new studio & dungeon!  It is still in the works of being set up and furnished but it is well on its way to what I envision it to be. There are a few pics below of what it looks like so far.

dungeon collage

I am having some professional bondage equipment made (starting with a bondage cross and spanking table) and I cannot wait to see the new additions to the dungeon.  I also have a wishlist for things specifically for the dungeon, items ranging from $10 – $800 so pets with all different sizes of wallets can contribute to My new dungeon.  CLICK HERE to see how many new toys you can purchase for My new play space.  Good contributors will be rewarded with pics of Me in My new dungeon.  I have already been getting many sessions even only being available part time so I am very excited about how many new pets I will be meeting once I start doing sessions FULL TIME starting next Monday…..maybe Tuesday…lol I think a “ME DAY” is well over due and I may just take Monday to go see the hottie massage boy and maybe go shopping and spend some gift cards that have been just sitting in My purse waiting to be spent so you piggies can just send more.

I will also have time to catch up on all the blogs I have been wanting to do and haven’t been able to find time. I know some of you piggies are just dying to see you pathetic little name or pic on My site but face it fuckwad…you work around MY SCHEDULE…not the other way around. I will get around to blogging about your tributes or pathetically hilarious acts when I damn well feel like it.  Maybe you should send more if you REALLY are impatient, nothing motivates Me like cold-hard cash!  Ok My pets, I am off to bed…3 more days of working for the man so I need to head to My big comfy bed.  I want to wake up to more clip sales (buy on KINKBOMB preferably), presents purchased, cash tributes…fuck you know I want it all and more…and you know where to go to send it all to ME.  Hold on to your wallets and what little bits of pride you have left My pets….as one of My BESTIES @doctorsue said when discussing how I only have a few days of day job left….. “Shhhhhhhhhh listen…. you can hear the Jaws music starting…”  That’s right boys….I am circling My prey (you) and I am going to attack…..you don’t stand a chance. Didn’t you read? 

“Oh, she got both feet on the ground
And she’s burning it down
Oh, she got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down


Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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  • vasslave says:

    Great to hear all the positive thing happening there for you beautiful Queen 🙂 agree 2013 and doing years will be years of Queen kitty 🙂

  • footboidon13 says:

    Sorry for the late entry my Queen. As You know i have had the flu but that is still no excuse. i am honored and proud to be in on the ground floor of the Queen’s first step into a mucher larger world. 2013 is truly the year of Queen Kitty. i am so happy that i can help in anyway to make Your dreams come true. You make mine come true. 🙂

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