It seems that the risk-taking fat wallet high rolling piggies are in short supply lately. Not that I am complaining because my slaves have been very good to me lately, Sissy Jamie in particular really went out of her way to spoil me this last week with a new I-POD, a $200 amazon gift card to get Halloween supplies for me and my family, cleaning my home and car top to bottom, lunch, gas, shit this sissy has done everything I asked and more! Which of course is exactly what I expect. I also have other loyal slaves stepping up as well lately or continuing to make their regular tributes, this is not the issue. What I want to know where are the BIG PLAYERS?

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It has been a while since I have seen the BIG WALLET PIGS out to play. Have I fucked that wallet so hard it is bone dry??? Or are you just hiding because you know that is exactly what I am going to do? You know when I walk away you will be chewed up, spit out, used, abused, humiliated, completely spent in every way and then tossed aside like the broken useless plaything that you are. You will be speechless except to beg for more.

When you find your balls and your wallet, message me to present me with what is rightfully mine for the taking. Do NOT message me telling me you are a BIG PLAYER unless you have at least $500 to start. This is for the serious high-stakes risk taking money pigs. FAT CASH COWS! Message me to get ready for the raping you know you have been yearning for and that I am ready to give.

For the rest of you piggies that want to be used but aren’t a big player there are still many ways you can be useful. You can always send surprise presents and there are a few of my monthly bills under $100 you can have the pleasure of paying. In addition, for those who want to really have some fun but don’t necessarily want to break the bank. You can play an exciting multiple mistress cash game where you control how much or how little you spend. How deep down the rabbit hole will you go? Message me to play for my prize and make me happy puppet.

If you are ready to be of use to me, message me at from your knees where you fucking belong.

Crops & Kisses,

Queen Kitty

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